Caring for the needs of the underprivileged through sustainable development and short term encouragement

Lastest Update on Wang Cuo (Hope)

- Life-Saving Operation

We finished the upgrade in this court yard at the back of the Orphanage - a tea drinking garden and more vegetable gardening area for our children to play and learn how things grow!
2019 Total Pig Loss
Due to the African Swine Flu our model farm's pig stock were decimated.  We have made a decision to not start pig raising again in future due to the risk factors.

Pig Farm News:

We do different upgrading projects at the farm throughout the year with the help of our volunteer groups .  Thanks to our hard-working volunteers, our farm is looking better all the time!  Now we have more usable space to host Yao families for training and host our friends visiting every now and then.


The culturing and testing of our own indigenous micro-organisms (IMOs) for bio-bed pig raising is very successful.  We are pleased we will be teaching this method to some of the Yao pig farmers where they can use this technique to reduce pollution in their home villages.   






The test in culturing our own IMOs for Bio-bed pig raising has proven to be successful.  We are launching our second stage and developing and teaching the technology to local Yao farmers.  No more smelly pig raising and pollution to our environment! Plus we get a useful bi-product of organic fertilizer.
Our Pig Sow Breeding pen 母豬繁殖豬舍