We serve the underprivileged, especially in rural and remote areas, and make their stories and needs known.

Farewell to our Farm in Jun 2020

We have successfully completed our 12-year lease of our charming sustainable farm located in the mountainous tribal area! While bidding farewell to this beautiful little farm and all the joyous moments and hard work it held, we are grateful that the transition went smoothly. However, we believe it is the right time to release it for this season.

Throughout our time on the farm, we have created cherished memories of the lives we touched through sustainable farm training and poverty alleviation projects. Additionally, we have gained valuable experience in managing a small organic farm and orchard. The farm has been a remarkable journey, leaving a lasting impact on both us and the communities we served.

Though we will miss the farm dearly, we look forward to the next chapter of our journey, knowing that the seeds of positive change sown during our time there will continue to bloom and flourish in new and unforeseen ways.

The Pleasant Places Cafe is shut down as of May 2021

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our staff and friends of Pleasant Places for their unwavering dedication in keeping the cafe afloat amidst the tremendous challenges posed by the COVID-19 period. Despite Tim & Rosa being unable to return from overseas, the cafe continued to operate, bringing blessings to the community in the tribal town.

Regrettably, we had to make the difficult decision to shut down due to the impact of changed regulations and uncertainties in the business environment. Nevertheless, we hold onto the beautiful memories of numerous gatherings and heartwarming moments at our Cafe since its opening in August 2017. The laughter we shared and the joy we experienced will forever remain in our hearts as cherished memories.

While this chapter has come to a close, we remain grateful for the support and love shown by our staff and friends, and we hope that our paths may cross again in the future. Despite the challenges, the spirit of Pleasant Places will continue to resonate within us, and we are inspired by the positive impact we were able to make in the lives of the community during our time together.