Caring for the needs of the underprivileged through sustainable development and short term encouragement

        We have had a small pig farm in S. China with a capacity of raising 70 -80 pigs in operation since Mar 2009.  This farm has been a pilot program for us to learn the techniques in raising and breeding pigs. In 2010 May, we were offered an additional 10 Chinese acres of friut orchards next to our existing farm. We are now able to have a total of 14 Chinese acres of land where we have our farm as a living classroom for the Yao villagers. Various groups from both inside and outside China are also welcomed so they can learn and experience how sustainable farming works and benefits our environment. June 2019 was a disastrous year for pigs.  The African Swine Flu decimated all our pig stock.  We will not be raising pigs in future.


        It is our goal to make this farm into a place where the nearby Yao villagers  can learn environmentally sustainable ways of farming that will help to improve their livelihood and protect their environment.  We demonstrate in our farm:

 1. How to use waste to generate bio-gas to produce energy for our farm.
2. How to use bio-bed pig raising method to reduce pollution to the environment and produce healthier pigs. (program ended 2019)
3. How to grow fruits and vegetables using organic methods.  
We are also in the process of developing aquaponics and green house farming at our farm in order to give the Yao villagers inspiration to use these techniques in their own villages. 
            From 2010-2019 we were able to breed our own piglets for our "Pig Scheme Program".  The "Pig Scheme" project was a very important program we run throughout the year at the farm. This program has been able to help families of young widows with small children, husbands recovering from major sicknesses (often cancer survivers) and parents with sick children needing extra cash to pay the medical bills.These families need lots of help and encouragement! We helped them to start raising piglets in their village home so they can sell for a profit 4-6 months later. Our staff gave vaccinations and advice to the families who were in the program. We also provided them the support and encouragement they need.  
These are some of the families participating in the "Pig Scheme" Project.
Our organic vegetable garden - students always enjoy seeing and tasting the variety of vegetables we grow at the farm!
Bio Pig Bed is a great pig raising techology we are testing at the farm - it's able to raise healthier pigs with no smell, no waste and more disease resistant.  It lso saves water and man-power.  The utilized pig bed can be used as organic fertilizer for planting.