Caring for the needs of the underprivileged through sustainable development

        Dr. Liu is the pioneer of this work as he has a big heart for children in this remote area of W. China.  Currently we are caring for over 40 children in our Orphanage and in foster homes in remote villages.  1/3 of these are children with special needs and require regular medical care and treatments.


      The Ark Orphanage is one of the few privately funded orphanages in China helping both disabled and healthy children.  Through the generosity of many individuals like you, the Orphanage has been able to support these children and provide a home where the children know they are loved and cherished!  One thing that usually stands out to most people visiting the Orphanage is how happy these children are and the close relationship they have with Dr. Liu's family and our staff.  The children call Dr. Liu and Mrs. Liu "YeYe (Grandpa) and "NaiNai" (Grandma) and the the female staff "MaMa" (Mom) -  we are one "Big" family! 


        The children we care for are between 6-19 years old and some of them have physical limitations.  Some of our children are living in the city near the Liu family so that they can receive better education and vocational training.  We have 3 nurses in training, 2 kindergarten teachers to be and one future accountant.


One of the questions people often asked is "Can these children be adopted?".  We are not able to process any adoption through our orphanage as long as we stay being privately funded.   It is a very difficult decision we have had to make as we feel strongly about staying independent, allowing for more autonomy.  We are committed to our children and their future, thus believing with them a bright future for each and everyone of them!