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Thank you for the many generous donations and we should have most of the need covered with a couple of funds we are applying through the hospital.  If there is any extra funds after all the medical fees are paid , we will put it towards the medical funds for our orphans.  


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Life-Saving Operation



Hope's most recent update and her ongoing recovery after her BIG surgery!

Praise God for protection and healing for Hope and her final surgery in Aug 2016! Dr. Liang & his team are a great blessing!  She wore a support brace for over 1 year to ensure all the 29 screws on her spine settled well in her body!  She is 20cm taller and her lungs and heart are functioning well.  She is back to her home village for rest where her aunt is caring for her.  She is now able to do some home chores and do daily walks in the mountains when the temperature is not freezing outside! 

We were so thrilled to have her come for our summer camp 2018 and share her story with other orphans and supporters.  We were all so touched and inspired by her bravery and determination! She is looking at finding a job 2020 and being part of the  family in the city. It will be her first job and it is important for her to know she can take care of herself and be independent.  Please pray for that desire and a good fit for a job matching her ability. Thank you! 


Hope finally had her surgery on 12th July 2016, 18 months after she first started her treatment in the hospital!  Her surgery took longer than anticipated, almost 12 hours, but it was a great success! She rested in the special care unit (like a ICU) for 7 days and now another 1 whole month of complete bed rest.  They fitted her with a molded back brace that will protect her healing spine.  She still has a lot of pain from the many wounds along her spine, skull, waist and hips but she is enduring with joy in her heart!  After 3 months, she will be able to move around more at ease. We and Hope want to thank you all for the love and prayer for her throughout her treatment. For the wonderful medical team led by Dr. Liang and for many of you who gave so generously towards her treatment and surgery! What a journey it has been for Hope! You have made a huge impact and difference in her life! Thank you!

Update after 6 months from 1st surgery......

See below a little photo album documenting Wang Cho (Hope)'s life in the hospital from before the surgery up to May 2015. She has grown (having been stretched) 10cm so far and the doctor is hoping for another 15 cm in the next 6 months.  She exercises everyday by walking the 15 level stairwell in the  hospital  to build up her heart & lung capacity. Sleeping with the metal frame is a challenge but she is doing really great and you just have to love her big smile and her positive attitude!  The big surgery will come at the end of her treatment and the doctor will put nails and screws all along her spine to fix the position of the corrected spine.  It has been an amazing journey for her 20-year old life in the last few months and she along with we  at the Ark Orphanage are deeply thankful for the generosity of many of you to make this possible!  Please continue to pray for her continual treatments in the coming months, thank you.

 Zhi Wang Cuo is a Tibetan girl born in  N. Sichuan, China, on Oct. 5, 1994. Due to a childhood accident and her family having no money for medical treatment, part of the bone in her spine was cracked and deformed.  Later on both of her parents passed away.  At age 10 , Dr. Liu brought her to the Ark Orphanage for Disabled Children to care of her.  We have searched for many hospitals and doctors and found none who could treat her condition.  Now she is twenty years old, and the thoracic curve is more severe.  According to a recent doctor’s diagnosis,  if  ignored she may only live to the age of 30, mainly due to the humpback pressing on her lungs and internal organs.  Recently in Chengdu, China we  found a doctor who will take the risk to do a series of surgical corrections of her spine which will require about 1 year of  hospital recovery.  Although the surgery is very risky, Zhi Wang Cuo is trusting her life to God and really wants to go through with the surgery.  We are thankful, after repeated discussions with the doctor and the hospital, that they are willing to reduce the medical expenses of the original price of nearly RMB 500,000  (US$ 83,000) to about RMB300,000 (US$ 50,000) .  However, the doctor specifically requests a disclaimer be signed before surgery under supervision of  lawyers and relevant government department officials .  Risky though it may be, we have a rare opportunity  to give Zhi Wang Cuo a new spine and longer life!

 Wang Cuo had her first surgery on Dec 4th ,2014, and it went very well.  She is adjusting to wearing a head-waist-back brace 24/7 (yes, she even sleeps with it!) This will be a one-year process of straightening her spine with a weekly adjustment by the doctor tightening the screws on this brace.  She said it was quite painful in the beginning but she is getting use to it now.  This treatment will correct the curve of her spine and prepares her for further surgeries in later months.  You can see more photos update of Wang Cuo's surgery and treatment on our Facebook Page.


澤旺措, 藏族人, 1994105日在四川出世, 因著少時一次意外遭大石壓壞了脊椎骨, 家裡沒錢醫治, 令至脊椎部份骨頭發育不全, 後來父母親去世, 10歲時被劉院長帶到方舟殘疾孤兒院,  到院後曾找過不同的醫生研診, 都認為無法可施, 現已廿歲的她看來胸彎得越來越嚴重, 據醫生診斷若不理會她只能活到30, 主要駝背壓著心肺, 會刺穿肺部造成積水便有生命危險, 現在成都覓得一位醫生願冒這個風險做一連串的手術矯正她的脊椎, 而做手術的存活率也只得一半多些, 而澤旺措本人也是非常勇敢願意將生命交托給神, 感謝主經多番商討後醫院也將原來近50萬人民幣的醫療費減至30萬左右, 但醫生特別要求在手術前要在律師及各政府有關部門監察下簽署免責聲明才會進行,難得的機會已擺在眼前。

旺措 2014 12 4 日做了第一次的手術,一切非常順利。她現在要適應24小時配戴頭腰背部支架 (她甚至睡覺也要穿著!)這是用一年時間利用這個支架矯直她的脊椎, 醫生每週會收緊頭和腰部的螺絲釘。開始時,這是相當痛苦的過程,但她現在已適應下來了。這種治療方法會改直她的脊椎和準備她日後作進步的手術。你可以在我們的 Facebook Page 上看到更多旺措手術和治療的照片.